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Date: 16 April 2016 10:00

© Anouk Froidevaux

Dancing The Moment is a dance improvisation-based workshop for professional dancers, performers and artists of all backgrounds, as well as for amateurs who want to connect more deeply with themselves through movement. The goal is to use the language of dance to connect with the present moment and arrive to a heightened state of awareness and creativity. The workshop is structured around a series of guided visualizations, improvisation techniques, exercises of inquiry, learning about composition, relating to space and others, as well as playing with dynamics, qualities and certain states.

When We Are Dancing The Moment:
We liberate ourselves from our own limiting patterns and belief systems
We are inspired and reconnect with the joy of creativity
We receive valuable tools that can be used on stage, in the studio during the creative process and also in our daily lives
We are more aware and are able to consciously respond to situations rather than impulsively react to them
We open up to more possibilities and feel empowered to create our lives moment by moment
We find our own confident and unique creative voice

WHO: Anouk Froidevaux
WHEN: April 16th & 17th 2015 | 10am – 2pm
PRICE: 70€ | 60€ Early Bird until April 1st or tatwerkcardklein
INFOS & REGISTRATION: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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  • 16 April 2016 10:00
  • 17 April 2016 10:00

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