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Layer after layer the artists „strip“, granting access to their artistic and creative process. Starting point is the performance - the veiled work. Subsequently, in the workshops connected with each performance, this veil is analyzed, deconstructed and disassembled - the creative process is stripped down to its core.
Stripped Works is a festival for contemporary theatre practices focusing on the idea of creating a sharing platform for the artistic work.
In two weeks four artists and groups present their current projects and afterwards give practical insights in their artistic process through a four-days workshop. The first edition in 2018, realized with the support Bezirkskulturfonds and Bezirk Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, featured Merlin Puppet Theatre (puppetry), ProtokollB (physical theatre), Welcome Project - The foreigner's Theatre (research-based theatre) and Simon Köslich (documentary theatre).
The 2020 edition is in planning.