Stand: 21.12.2020

Dear users of the TATWERK,
In order to keep TATWERK open during the pandemic, we need everyone's cooperation. TATWERK belongs to all those who work here.
We hereby present our hygiene concept to ensure safe work or a safe visit to TATWERK.
According to the SARS-CoV-2-Infection Protection Measures Ordinance (, each individual artist and each group is responsible for developing their own hygiene concept. The TATWERK team will be happy to assist you in this process. However, the responsibility and liability lies with the artists and groups themselves.
Please inform yourself and contact us if you have any questions.
The person who makes arrangements with us to use the space is responsible to us for adhering to the hygiene rules and for contacting us in case of COVID-19 infections in the group. If you ever test positive, please also contact us! We will then notify all those outside your group who have been in contact with you.
Cheer up and stay healthy in body and mind!

Your Aurora & Chris

People who have had contact with a person suffering from COVID-19 in the last 14 days or who are suffering from an upper respiratory tract infection themselves or have symptoms of an infection are not allowed to enter the TATWERK.
Masks (mouth-nose protection) are strictly compulsory in all common rooms (common room, sanitary area).
The minimum distance of 1.5m between persons must be strictly observed in all rooms of the TATWERK. This also applies when entering and leaving the studio (staircase or lift).
Physical contact must be avoided, even during work.
Sneezing and coughing etiquette must be observed at all times.
Hands should be washed or disinfected frequently.
The common room must not be seen as such: please only pass through the room and do not stay there.
The kitchenette in the common room may only be used by one person at a time. It is recommended to wash or disinfect hands after use.
Always wash used dishes with washing-up liquid.
Access to the sanitary area is limited to one person.
Always ensure that people enter and leave the TATWERK in an orderly manner (observing the minimum distance).

Sufficient ventilation must always be ensured in order to reduce the Co2 content and aerosols in the room air.
The measurement of the Co2 value in all rooms must always remain below 800 ppm. If the Co2 value is higher, the measuring device lights up yellow. As soon as this happens, the room must be ventilated.

Hints for correct ventilation in the TATWERK
Please turn off the heating (in the studio, common room and sanitary area), open all windows and preferably also the entrance door (only if people are watching them) and ventilate until the Co2 reading is below 500ppm.
Apart from the Co2 reading, it must be ventilated every 60 minutes at the latest.
Attention: If windows are open, be aware of noise! The music system must not be used!

Always keep a distance of at least 1.5 m between people. When playing, singing or dancing, the minimum distance is 4 to 6 metres. Physical contact must be avoided at all times.
The VBG ( recommends an area of 20 square metres for each person actively working (e.g. actor:in, dancer:in, trainer:in) and 10 square metres for each person observing the work (e.g. director:in, dramaturge:in). The area of the studio (not including the recreation room and sanitary facilities) is 120 sqm.
The capacity of the studio is determined by the minimum distances (between 1.5 m and 6 m, depending on the activity carried out). The maximum capacity is defined separately for the respective uses in the contracts of use.


When arriving at the TATWERK
Disinfect (or wash) your hands.
Complete and sign the consent form for the processing of personal data (only for the first use).
Sign the list with the date and time (for each use).

At the end of the rehearsal
Ventilate the room (when leaving the room, the Co2 value must be well below 500 ppm) or, in good weather, leave the windows open (on tilt position).
Disinfect the used floor surface with the mop.
Disinfect touched surfaces such as tables, chairs, door and window handles as well as the music system (if used).

When leaving the TATWERK
Note the time of leaving in the list.

If you are the last to leave in the evening, please do so additionally:
Set all radiators (in the studio, lounge and sanitary area) to "0".
Open the last window in the studio and the window in the sanitary area to tilt position and leave it open for the night.