Date: 12 January 2016 20:00 - 22:00

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Life is out of balance. Is that fact or fiction? What are the consequences? Is a balanced life what we want – or do we need imbalance? How long do we want to go on living in a rush, with too much pressure or total freedom? Do we need slowness, deepness, emptiness? Do we decide or do we live capitalist competition? What is our social condition in relation to technological objects? How does the body react to the flood of information?

Sociologist Hartmut Rosa claims that the social world has (become) accelerated. Ritualized daily life has been sped up through the Industrial Revolution and technological progress.
But can we follow it? Can we do more in our lives than before? Or have we ended up at a “rushed standstill”, where everything is moving but nothing changing?

In this performance project, we will consider the contemporary circumstances of bodies and lives within the (social) environment. With methods from physical theater and contemporary dance, influenced by somatic practices and theatre pedagogy, we will explore topics such as: acceleration, repetition, stillness, imbalance & balance, dis-placement, flexibility & rigidity, sensory overload, competition, pressure, stress, loss of orientation…

We will work with assumptions, questions and insights, and search for forms of bodily expression.

WHO: Rosalin Hertrich
WHEN: January 12th - February 18th 2016 | Tuesdays & Thursdays | 8 - 10pm
LANGUAGE: German & English
PRICE: 140€ | 120€ Early Bird until December 20th 2015 | 80€ with 
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