Date: 05 September 2015 20:00

Two dancers enter an emotional labyrinth, they are the people who stick out of the crowd − the "Losers". Men and women are under the pressure of having to fulfill certain expectations, a fact which is affecting their bodies. Over and over again they are torn between the need to be part of the social system and a strong urge for individual fulfillment. An interplay starts between the two, adapt or break out? This interplay moves the two losers into extreme states of being.
Choreographer and dancer Karolin Stächele (Freiburg) deals with the basic human need for affiliation and acknowledgement through the creation of various status symbols. Her main interest being to what extent the individual decides for him or herself; does it turn out that he or she is just a slave to society?


Choreography: Karolin Stächele (D)
Dance: Marta Capaccioli (IT) und Yannis Karalis (GR)
Music: Manon Parent (FR)



Tickets: 5−10€

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  • 05 September 2015 20:00

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