black box - The black tulips of your cosmic womb, that you know nothing about

Date: 14 December 2019 20:30

@ Yenny Jrant

Womxn turn to medicine every day for answers and arrive at dead ends, due to the lack of knowledge and research so far made, recognised or funded for women's health issues below the navel. black box is a lecture performance inspired by the true story of Evelijn's injury and her resilience, the inequality of the medical system and the cervix.

performance Evelijn Forrest
Visuals & sound Tori Newberry/Innocent Heretic (LIVE)
Dramaturgy & featuring Amelia Emma Forrest
Costume & set design The Trees
Developed at R.E.D Residency Eina Danz

Saturday, December 14th 2019 | 8:30 pm
Tickets: free donation
Pleare reserve at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
***For a maximum of 25 spectators***

Evelijn Forrest (MA) is a drama therapist with her own practice in Berlin since June 2017. Part of her practice includes facilitating The Hero's Journey workshops by founder Paul Rebillot. Evelijn is a creative-psychotherapist who works with adults and teenagers and specialises in Attachment Issues; LGBTQ+ community support; Trauma (incl. PTSD); Anxiety; Shame & Vulnerability & Learning Difficulties incl. Autism.

Tori Newberry is an experimental video artist, DJ and musician also known as Innocent Heretic. Playing with the inner realm of fantasy, desire, past and present. Forever unearthing, her work seeks to induce a kind of layered reality. The warped textures in sound and imagery, captured by her lens and ear casts a chaotic gaze upon female sexuality, history, unconsciousness & survival.

Amelia Emma Forrest is an emerging performance artist based in the studios of TATWERK | Performative Forschung in Berlin. After finishing formal training at Rudra-Béjart and working as a soloist at the Baltic Dance Theatre, she moved to Berlin to journey into the world of butoh in the west. Simultaneously she started a deeper exploration into somatics. She puts this generously shared information into practice by creating and collaborating within theaters, club spaces and club nights. Amelia is also a co-director of Radiant Love along with Byron Yeates and Jochem Van Bruggen. Radiant love is a rave, label, art and performance collective and has a monthly radio residency on HÖR. | |




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  • 14 December 2019 20:30

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