Date: 01 June 2019 18:00

© Carolina Calcavecchia

A talking body fluctuating like a pendulum between equilibrium and disequilibrium occupies the space. In its oscillating existence, almost always at the edge of the abyss, this body hunts space and time where it could survive. Inside and outside the body there is not a fixed point. Everything seems to be in constant becoming and transformation: emotions, thoughts, breathing, movements, words, sound, time, and space. It is a body in transit, in trance, revolted, rebelling against gravity.
A body in transit is a subversive body that its expose to emptiness, to uprooting, and at the same time to constant becoming. In this constant becoming the body creates and lives under its own rules, reinventing itself continuously, experiencing new ways of presence, regarding to absence, looking into the void, dealing with different ways of walking, of getting up, of perceiving the space, the others, itself, experimenting other states of mind, imaginary, breathing, looking for new sources of energy; but never giving up. Every possible end is a new chance to continue, every possible fall a chance to go forward. But what keep this body on his way?

Trough movement, words and sound, “Somehow standing” is a performance about our capacity of strength, of resistance, and about our engagement in times of turbulence and despair. What would it happen if we could integrate this movement of constant transit and its instability in our daily life? What if we could accept the constant becoming as the best part of our nature? Maybe, we will find something more beyond black and white. Maybe, we will realise that the real challenge is to experience the in between: as the possible.

Ana Kavalis - Concept and performance
Jeff Gburek - Live Sound

Saturday, June 1st 2019 | 3 and 6 pm
In the frame of PAF - Performing Arts Programm

Tickets: 9€ | 5€ reduced
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