Date: 07 October 2018 18:00


Under the title “The Invention of the private home” the Monster Control District is preparing for a research trip to Swabia.
In TATWERK we want to give insight into the research for our next production: In early 2019, we will drive to Tübingen, the capital of Swabia, which might just be the coziest region of Germany.
As a preparation for this trip we will look for stagings of coziness, seclusion and openness in Berlin.
We will look through the windows of homes in Berlin which guard us from the outside, but also let in the glances of strangers and through which we can look at the outside world from within the safety of our own four walls.
This rather uneasy relationship, which finds its structural expression in spyholes, blinds, lace curtains and frosted glass, is the focus of our research.
And while the webcam and home videos may have altered this relationship, the fundamental feeling of insecurity towards the outside world remains central to the German bourgeoisie. Later in 2019, MCD will return to the TATWERK with our Swabian production, a stage performance.

Funded by: Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture

Concept, set-up: Stephan Mahn, Birk Schindler, Ekaterina Trachsel, Moritz Friese
Concept: Ariane Trümper, Sebastian Rest, Nils Bultjer

October 6th - 7th 2018 | 6 - 9 pm
Tickets: Sliding Scale 5 - 10€



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