Date: 03 March 2018 20:30

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Three aspects of Lust as a force that drives and influences our behaviour in to a variety of forms and outcomes. A wild and untameable impulsion, a beautiful and poetic freedom when accepted, a shaming and obscure sin when repressed. Sexuality is the motor of life, a source of infinite pleasure and, often, despair.

Hibuya Park
In the 50`s the green area in Tokio called Hibya used to be a rare example of a gay cruising scene..
The atmosphere of sordid excitement and social blame related to the homosexual encounters in this park is briefly portrayed in Mishima`s book “Forbitten Colors”.
In the first piece I place myself in this context and I find resonances in my own body and personal experience as a gender fluid androgynous male grown up in Italy, a catholic country with quite rigid and pretty sexist social rules.

The Garden
The second piece is a triumph, an elegy, a joyful celebration of nature and the feminine.
A shameless unveiling, an intimate exposure, an act of liberation, a tribute to the “origin of the world” and to the vibrating, strong fragility of the flesh.

Inspired by the Berlin club and sex scene. Male sexual energy beyond control, lost in lust.

Concept music and dance: Stefano Taiuti
With: Stefano Taiuti, Jeanne Sardou, Amelia Emma Forrest, Magdaleine White, Sara Lu.
Costumes: Stefano Taiuti, Nelson Santos
Created in collaboration with Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte

March 2nd - 3rd 2018 | 8:30 pm 
Tickets: 5−10€ Sliding scale
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