Date: 25 October 2017 13:00

In this first labor, the Compagnie des Wanderers invites actors at different stages of their career for sharing the current state of the research about improvised storyelling and physical action.
We will focus on the creation of spontaneous stories that emerge from immediate associations that an actor establishes uninterruptedly between words and body.
Never sure of where the actor is being taken through this process, the labor shall not center around the idea of good or bad stories, but rather on the authentic spontaneity with which the stories come to life and the involvement of the whole organism in the process.
The improvisations will be the ground for the question: What actions are those (and how are them) that happen simultaneously along specific words and produce, in the eye of an audience, the most “meaningful” relations?
The workshop is the first open stage of an ongoing research by the company, aiming to analyze different possible connections between narrative text and stage-action.

The labor will take place on October 23rd - 25th from 1 to 6 pm

For further informations please write to Federico Schwindt: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Created in 2016, Compagnie des Wanderers is a theatre company based in three different cities, Berlin, Paris and Buenos Aires. The scattered Wanderer meet after long-distance preparation periods for inensive residencies in one location, bringing together the elements to creat all sorts of performances, from music-theatre, to documentary or text-based shows. The company seeks to produce performances that are born from the interactions and shared knowledge of their members while empowering themselves through one common name and economic fund. Their diverse artistic backgrouns allow them to question themselves and explore new theatrical languages with every show; this aesthetical research is an essential part of their work.



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