Date: 20 May 2017 11:00

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For Professional Arts Makers, Mentors, Teachers, Lecturers, Facilitators, Producers, Curators

imag?ne yourself
Conceive, Evolve, Refine Your Idea
Make Decisions with Confidence
Build Your Confidence and Self-Esteem
Develop Your Unique Method

enable others to imag?ne
Facilitate Rigorous thinking
Assist rather than Lead
Facilitate Others to Conceive, Evolve and Refine their Ideas
Build their Confidence and Self-Esteem
Give Feedback that Inspires Growth
Coach Others to Bring out the Best in themselves

Imag?neTM will give you liberating techniques and practical approaches with which to facilitate your own, another person’s or organisation development journey. someone else’s work journey.
Imag?neTM .... The Vision - The Essence is Part 1 of a Series of Professional Development Events and will be repeated
Part 2 - Your Art & Your Audience
Part 3 - The Working Life You Want
Level 2 will be set in September


Please send your application to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a few words about what you would ideally like to achieve and take from this course. Deadline for the application: 15th May 2017

18th-20th May 2017
3 days
7 hours a day (11 am to 6 pm)


An offer in the frame of the Performing Arts Programm Berlin. Training delivered in English with German translation where required.



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  • 19 May 2017 11:00
  • 20 May 2017 11:00

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