Date: 04 March 2017 21:00

@ Lina Yiri Valverde Gerner

We would love to invite you to a musical dance event with four pieces. Two grouppieces and two solis transport you to an other world and show you the universe of the artists who are involved.

The Quartet „Kleider machen Leute“ is a collaboration between the musical sewingmachein of the artist Lisa Simpson and the dancers Roland Walter, Melanie Widmann and Marion Sparber. Throughout the performance Lisa, also known as Agente Costura sews clothes which are a playful tool for the dancers. Together they experiment with tissue and bodies and melt into abstract images of the past and the future. The trio „Nefelibata“ with Lina Valverde, Marion Sparber and Yeinner Chicas deals with the power
of distance and closeness beween the performers and shows different constellations in the group.The dancers ask themselves as well about the individuality inside the communitythinking. „Sinestesia“ is the experiment to join dance and performance art with fine art. It is a try to join the senses in one single act of consciousness. The Solowork by Lina Valverde is a very powerful and expressive performance. The second solo“Metamorfosis“ deals with the change and developement in life. Yeinner chicas performes the piece by motivating people for the beautiful changes, enjoy and use them to your advantage.

With: Roland Walter, Marion Sparber, Melanie Widmann, Lina Yiri Valverde Gerner, Yeinner Chicas, Lisa Simpson, Kuo-Han Chen

Saturday, March 4th 2017 | 9th
Tickets: 5−10€ Sliding scale
Please reserve a ticket here:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • 04 March 2017 21:00

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