Date: 18 December 2016 11:00

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Masterclass on Method Acting? Done that!
Workshops View Points and Meisner? Been there!
Read Stanislaski? Twice!
And you still don’t know what kind of actor YOU are?

As an actor you have to develop your own methods, create your own profile, to try and find out what kind of actor YOU are.
Are you looking for the one and only true way – fast, simple and easy – to become the greatest actor of all times? We’re not.
Do you believe in Gurus or in a golden method to solve all of your problems? We don’t.
Do you think genius comes by itself? We don’t!
But who are we?
We are the Profiler from ProtokollB.
We will help you to form your very own personal profile as an actor. We will support you in your journey to find your own personal characterisation and we’ll start from where you are at this moment. We believe in continuous and meaningful work. Work on oneself and work on one’s character.
Together we will work on texts, scenes and characters in little groups. By trial and error, with professional feedback and helpful tips you will be able to control and direct your development. With our wide range of tools you will learn how to work on the expansion of your personal acting skills. If we bump into methods or steps that don’t work for you: FaCK IT! There’s more to life than Strasberg & Co. There’s no universal road to walk upon. You’ll have to find your own.
And that’s exactly what we are here for.

Four teachers from ProtokollB combine their expertise:
Alexander Garms (Movie director, Communication training), Richard Gonlag (Training based on Grotowski, Vocal coach), Carolin Kipka (Michael Chekhov), Dürten Thielk (Improvisation, Physical training)

A small history:
ProtokollB is an international theatre platform – of actor, for actors. We meet on a regular basis and train together: we work on monologues, prepare castings, improvise and keep our skills alive and kickin’. These sessions can lead to all kinds of projects. As it did in June 2016 where we created the interactive installation-performance DIGITAL DIGESTION with 11 guest actors for the Festival 48h-Neukölln.
New projects are in the making, from workshops to readings, from filming to theatre. We are providing a platform for artists of all kinds and offer them the possibility to realise their projects and to create a vast network for performers of all types and backgrounds.

This class can be held in German, English and Dutch.
All participants can act in their mother tongue.

WHO: Alexander Garms, Richard Gonlag, Carolin Kipka, Dürten Thielk
WHEN: December, 17th -  18th 2016 | 11am-5pm
PRICE each weekend: 180€ / 150€
Early bird for December: payment until November 23rd
and with
INFOS & REGISTRATIONS: Applications until 10th of November resp. 15th of December via e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | Please attach a short resume and a summary of your previous experiences.



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