Date: 19 November 2016 12:00

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6 days Theater-Butoh experiment „Crime and PunishmentⅡ“
Workshop and Performance with 4RUDE


In this workshop we learn the Butoh method and we will also experience creating process of Theater-Butoh piece.
The motive of the performance is "Crime and Punishment".
4RUDE has developed and performed a work based on this novel as a trilogy in Tokyo in 2005-2007.
This trilogy was approached from theatrical side to the literature, in this workshop we will experiment in the approach from the Butoh.
And this second project in Berlin „Crime and PunishmentⅡ“, we will make the piece that focus on one of the characters Katerina Ivanovna.
We need a high energy for this intensive work. It requires strong wills of the participants.

- Workshop
This workshop is based on "Butoh-fu ("fu" means score in Japanese)". Butoh-fu has been transmitted orally by Tatsumi Hijikata. His choreographic method aims "to physicalize images through words," and those words are called Butoh-fu. Every word of this notation has its own choreographic meaning for the performer. The mold of Butoh-fu is very strict, but there is also a lot of blank space entrusted to a dancer. Butoh-fu can provide a vast image for an artist. We will also build up strong bodies and voices by using the training based on Suzuki-Method Actor's Training.
You have to control strictly your own body in order to be free.

- Performance
Maco and Hikaru Inagawa make a Theater-Butoh Piece with the participants through this Workshop.
That piece based on "Crime and Punishment" a novel by the Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

Performances will be held at the last day of this Workshop.
November 19th - 8pm 
Tickets: 5-10 € Sliding scale

- For Application
Please send a short motivation letter.
This workshop is fully open to everybody: not only professional performers like actors and dancers but those who haven't never performed on the stage before.
We welcome all artists who are interested in BUTOH as well.
* The text about Butoh-fu is available in English and German.

Organisation: 4 RUDE in cooperation with TATWERK | Performative Forschung

WHO: Maco & Hikaru Inagawa 
WHEN: November 14-19th | 12 to 6pm
LANGUAGE: German, English, Japanese
PRICE: 280€ | 250€ Early bird until October 24th (date of payment) or with tatwerkcardklein
INFOS & REGISTRATION: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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