Date: 22 October 2016 20:00

© Yuko Kawamoto

is a butoh performance implemented by Yuko Kawamoto, female butoh dancer based in Tokyo since 90's and Michiyasu Furutani also stepped into the world in 90's.
Physics assumes that every existing object in the world, including cells, molecules and even atoms, is in a state of constant motion, oscillating ceaselessly and never stopping to move from the microscopic point of view. The movement never reaches a fnal resting point, but rather changes shape and state along with the infuence of instinct and primitive desire. Although we dream of a perfect aesthetic and phenomenological condition, we often pursue the idea of perfection unconsciously, repeatedly failing to capture it. We are just human.Stay a fool, savor the incompletion.

with and by: Yuko Kawamoto & Michiyasu Furutani

Saturday, October 22nd, 8pm
Tickets: 5−10€ Sliding scale
Please reserve a ticket at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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