Date: 09 August 2015 16:00

The workshop mainly focuses on contemporary dance movements including floor work and use of the weight and energy from another body.
All the chosen movements will be fairly simple in order for the participants to open up the connections between their body and mind.

The aim of the class is through learning techniques, the different ways of explanations from the knowledge of ChenÕs experience hopefully loosen up participantsÕ old routine of thinking and seeing of the body. The attendees will start to breathe again from their body and to be able to feel safe letting go in the space.

The class is open for adults who has at least 1 year of movement experience, such as yoga, dance, sports etc.


WHO: Yun-Ju Chen (Ru)

WHEN: from July 5th to August 9th, Sundays 4 to 6pm

PRICE: 5 Sessions 40€  |  Drop-in 10€ | 30€


NIVEAU: open for everyone

INFO & REGISTRATION: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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