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Contact Improvisation is a dance form which emphasizes freedom. It is a flow of improvisation without prescribed movement vocabulary. The dance is a product of the moment to moment  decisions and invites the dancers to creative engagement with each other’s choices. The possibilities are potentially endless. At the same time, we fall into patterns as individuals and communities of dancers. Offering novel restrictions can also expose the unconscious patterns and norms of movement that we fall into, liberating us to explore the wider field of contact’s possibilities. Here, we investigate the interrelationships amongst restraint and abandon, safety and exploratory risk taking. We aim to expose the boundaries of our usual choices and patterns of reaction: in dance, in the body, in the mind, in contact, communication. We explore restraint and resistance as metaphor and literally. Why is it pleasurable sometimes  to feel restraint and be grasped- how do we use resistance and friction to feel ourselves? What is driving us to our boundaries and what is the joy of flexing them?

In this workshop we will work with tools of contact improvisation and bodywork to dynamically question the topics freedom, restraint, resistance, guiding and following. At the same time we will interogate limits of Contact Improvisation, potentially dancing into new territories of physical communication, poetics, and intimacy. Practices from Japanese rope bondage will be part of this process, fused with contact play. We aim in the weekend to have have a variety of dances and intimate moments with our personal potential/possibilities and limits. It will be expected that all will be comfortable with body exploration and to have some previous exposure to contact improvisation. While we will create space in the workshop for felt experience and will work with a fair degree of physical intimacy and psychological sensitivity, the material of the workshop is not aimed at any specific concept of gender or sexuality. Exploration will be guided by one’s personal engagement and curiosity.  All are welcome.

The workshop is facilitated by Karl frost and Kristina Marlen, two dancers with a very different background, who are happy exited about their first cooperation and synergy.

Kristina Marlen is a physiotherapist, dancer and performer. She dances contcat improvisation and contemporary dance  since 2000. She´s also a yoga practitioner and bodyworker of many kinds. She defines herself as tantric dominatrix as her mainob since 2009 is sexwork. She developed a method how to give tantric massage based on principles of contact improvisation. In the meantime, she combines the tantric masssage with elements of BDSM. She is a teacher and practisioner of japanese Ropebondage on a professional level. Consensual Powerexchange, joy of surrender, the gift of taking control, guiding and following are floating as topics through her worklife on many different levels. As she considers the dance as the root of all her work with conscious sexuality, she´s now happy to bring this work into the dance.

Karl Frost (Nevada City, California, USA) has been directed experimental theater and interactive performance events rooted in somatic psychology since the 80s.  He directs Body Research Physical Theater (, whose performance works explore human agency, experienced sense of meaning, and place in society, environment and politics. He has also been teaching contact improvisation for almost 30 years and has taught in over 24 countries. He has developed a dynamic approach to contact improvisation based in release technique, the internal martial arts, and the trauma theory of Peter Levine, the Passive Sequencing technique.  He is also currently completing his PhD in Human Ecology at UC Davis, where he uses multiple methods to explore the interrelationships amongst physical practice and human altruism. As part of this research, he is working on a documentary film about the interlocking issues of First Nations sovereignty, environmental protection, and the fights against oil and gas development in northern British Columbia, Canada (

WHO: Kristina Marlen & Karl Frost
DATES: April 22nd | 8 to 11pm and April 23rd & 24th | 11am to 6pm
LANGUAGE: German & English
PRICE: 180€ - 140€ Sliding scale | 120€ Stage artists/Professionals and with tatwerkcardklein
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