MusikTanzNullDreißig - Practice Session

Date: 28 January 2016 15:00

© Manuela Tessi

Who is inviting?
MusikTanzNullDreißig (MT030) is an initiative of flutist Friederike Wendorf and dancer Manuela Tessi.
It is a platform aimed at fostering the collaboration of dance and music in performance.
It consists of a performance series and practice sessions.

Friederike and Manuela met in the improvising scene of Amsterdam. Noticing the interest and potential in the local artists community of Berlin, they decided to create events, that provide a dedicated space where dance and music can mutually contaminate and inspire each other.

Next to the performance series Manuela and Friederike create a parallel event, the MT030 sessions: regular meetings (every two weeks) taking place in a dance studio without public audience. The sessions are aimed at supporting the research of dance and music improvisation. They are open to everyone who has an interest in developing the practice. In the sessions Manuela and Friederike wish to create the possibility of new meetings and the sharing of ideas, that eventually will be developed into a performance for the performance series in various Berlin venues.
About Manuela and Friederike
Manuela is an Amsterdam-Berlin based dancer, whose work focuses on the relationship between movement and live music. She works with Katie Duck and Magpie a.o. and for many years has been curating dance and music events at cultural centre OT301.
Friederike is a Berlin based flute player, whose artistic focus lies in improvisation, particularly the relationship between sound and movement. She studied at Conservatoires in Berlin, Cologne and Amsterdam, where she finally entered the music and dance improvisation scene, receiving valuable input by Katie Duck and working on own projects.

Thursday, March 31st | 3 - 6pm
Entrance: 5€



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  • 28 January 2016 15:00

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