Werner Waas


© Aurora Kellermann

Werner Waas was born in 1963 in Lower Bavaria. 1986 he left Germany for Italy. In 25 years time he created 30 productions of all shapes and dimensions, performed on the streets, in bars, in basements, in private as well as in state theatres and on festivals. He was director of a theatre, formed production houses, started festivals (which he still manages), switched sides several times – from director to actor and from organizer to dramaturg – translated books into Italian, initiated an award for playwrights, built networks and worked on many international projects.
He returned to Germany in 2012 and has been working in Berlin and the rest of Europe ever since. In the past couple of years he combined his work as director, actor, clown and advocate for dramatic texts with intercultural projects and working with children. Throughout the years his creative work is based on a belief in a form of art, that intervenes, that tears down boundaries, that can’t be restricted, but that participates in life – boldly, free and full of passion.


Materialien für eine deutsche Tragödie