Andriana Seeker

© Andriana Seeker

Andriana Seecker is a freelance dancer, choreographer and teacher for Modern and Pilates based in Berlin. She studied Stage-design at the University of Arts/Berlin and Dance at Dance-Academy Balance1 in Berlin. She was Part and Co-founder of the Dance-Company Nightmare before Valentine (NBV). Productions of NBV were shown on international Festivals since 2009. Since 2011 she is working as a Dancer, Choreographer and Stagedesigner with the Swedish Theatre Collective INSTITUTET (Winner Impulse Festival 2011, Wiener Festwochen, TheaterTreffen, Festival d“ Avignon) for different theatre institutions and festivals in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and France.  She was a guestdancer in Romeo Castelluccis Four Seasons Restaurant (Foreign Affairs Berlin 2012). In 2013 she started also collaboration with Axel “Micky” Schiffler a Breakdancer from Berlin. They met by coincidence and started dancing together. Since then they are exploring and working on the theme of encounter. While trying to find an interaction and a combination of two movement-qualities and to generate a new kind of language and break with familiar patterns of movement. Their first piece "MEET ME AS A STRANGER" was invited to have its premiere in January 2015 at TANZTAGE BERLIN.

„In my work all elements, which can give inspiration, have the same significance/value – Dance, Sound/Music, Image and Material influence and condition eachother. Movement becomes language, a room becomes a picture and music becomes movement. For me Movement is communication with myself and with others. And it creates many different possibilities and forms of encounters – Beautiful, crazy, funny, scary, touching and extraordinary meetings. And mostly such, that you don`t forget, because the body remembers.“