SAY MY NAME, SAY MY NAME / Olivia Hyunsin Kim/ddanddarakim


© Christian Cattelan

Artificial intelligences (AI) like Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana or Amazons Alexa are becoming more and more important aspects of our everyday lives. As our new secretaries and domestic helpers they have a secure place in our pockets, in our homes and our workplaces. “The future is female”, but not as we’ve imagined it. When Donna Haraway wrote “A Cyborg Manifesto” in 1984, intersectional feminists were hoping for cyborgs to be genderless hybrid beings – combinations of organism and machine – the embodiment of a future without identity politics, and therefore a way to overcome sexism and racism. Despite the enormous advancements in AI technologies, we can still observe the continuation and consolidation of heteronormative and binary gender differences. For the consumers/users AIs are mostly marked as female through their names and voices. AIs that are marked as male are used in the fields of medicine and finances. The classification of reproductive and/or emotional work, so-called ‘care-work’ is manifested as ‘female activity’. In our research we want to look into this phenomenon. We want to research the potential of AIs which seem to withstand identity politics as (non-human) bodies. Especially in dance where the human body and its identities are marked through ethnicity or (dis-)ability and play a central role AIs can question a human body that is considered ‘normal’. A space beyond normative identity politics seems possible. We want to explore this space with AI. How can an AI create choreographies in a theater? What do these look like? How will it influence contemporary dance? In ‘Say my name, say my name’ AIs will be the main actors in the theater. They decouple themselves from their producers and create a space of diverse utopias outside identity politics. The performance will be a conglomerate of science fiction, dance and musical, and will sketch multiple future scenarios in which AIs exist outside of human power structures. By that they allow an insight into a utopian world without patriarchy and its hierarchical structures.

Premiere 12.September 2019 | 20.30 Uhr | Sophiensaele
Weitere Vorstellungen:
13.-15.September 2019 | jeweils 20.30 Uhr
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PERFORMANCE Zwoisy Mears-Clarke
LIGHT, VIDEO Jones Seitz
MIS-EN-SCÈNE Kristin Gerwien
ASSISTANT why elliy

Eine Produktion von Olivia Hyunsin Kim/ddanddarakim. Gefördert vom Hauptstadtkulturfonds, dem Kulturamt Frankfurt am Main, Arts Council Korea, der Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa und dem Hessischen Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst. Dieses Projekt ist Teil des Residenzprogramms schloss bröllin e.V., unterstützt durch das Ministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kultur des Landes Mecklenburg-Vorpommern und dem Landkreis Vorpommern-Greifswald. Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von c-base, Tanzfabrik Berlin, TATWERK | Performative Forschung, Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte und der Stadtbibliothek Reinickendorf. Medienpartner: taz. die tageszeitung

OLIVIA HYUNSIN KIM graduated from the Master of Choreography and Performance at the Institute of Applied Theatre Studies Gießen and HfMDK Frankfurt with distinction. Together with other artists she collaborates as ddanddarakim. She has been a recipient of the DAAD Scholarship, the Newcomer Fund of the Berlin Senat, the Rebecca Skelton Fund, the Erasmus Scholarship and the Seoul Natinonal University Scholarship etc. Her work mainly focuses on identity and memory, especially the influence of memory in identity construction.