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Inflammations deals with chronic pain and fatigue - and the relief and sensuality associated with an easing of symptoms. Starting from the question of what expectations we have of hyperfunctional bodies on stage, three performers demand a place for unstable bodies - with all their risks and potentials, in dance as well as in society. Vulnerability becomes a catalyst for a new body, language and care economy.

Premiere 19. September 2019 | 21 Uhr | Sophiensaele
Weitere Vorstellungen:
20. September | 21 Uhr | Tanzscout Einführung
21. September | 21 Uhr
22. September | 18 Uhr | Relaxed Performance

PERFORMANCE Ania Nowak, Angela Alves, Laura Jones
DRAMATURGY Mateusz Szymanowka
SCENOGRAPHY Christopher Füllemann
RESEARCH/ADVICE Luke Pell, Johanna Hedva
LIGHT Aleksandr Prowalinski
SOUND Justyna Stasiowska
COSTUMES Grzegorz Matląg
PRODUCTION Micaela Kühn Jara

A production of Ania Nowak in collaboration with TATWERK | Performative Forschung. Supported by the Capital Cultural Fund.

ANIA NOWAK lives and works in Berlin. Her choreographic practice approaches vulnerability and desire as ways towards reimagining what bodies and language can do.She researches love as a strategy of generating knowledge with a focus on affective economies of care and companionship, and redefining sensuality. Ania Nowak graduated from “Dance/Context/Choreography” at HZT Berlin.