#re-setting motherhood / Initiative X Tage

© Gesa Heichel

#regrettingmotherhood is performance, lecture, opera and real.
#regrettingmotherhood is a tabu despite the fact that everybody is talking about it, it is an internet phenomenon surrounded by defensive positions.
#regrettingmotherhood is good and bad, independent and forced, natural, invented, glamourous and broken, it’s pink and black or a shiny cube filled with excrements.

The collective connects an ocean of contradicting and often disturbing opinions concerning what a mother should be with the musical force of opera voices and new contemporary music.

Towards the end of the online wars concerning this topic, the Initiative X Tage starts their research with a laboratory series in 2017. In cooperation with TATWERK | Performative Forschung images regarding the role of the mother and the discourse #regrettingmotherhood are questioned. In collaboration with artists and experts from the field of contemporary music, dance, theater, pedagogy, sociology and first and far most with mothers and fathers Initiative X Tage ask: Why should a woman become a mother? Is the decision of having a child reversible? Is all of that normal? And what will the neighbors say?
The laboratory answers those questions: acoustically, visually, with video, interviews and pictures. In 2018 the documentary material collected in the laboratory will be examined and presented to a Berlin audience in a 20-30 min Showing for the first time.

On September 15th, October 8th, November 26th and December 3rd at 6 pm we invite all the interested gueses to the presentation of the results our research and the following discussion.

Frinday, September 15th 2017 | 6 pm
Singing: Amelie Baier
Composition: Nando Hamker
Architecture: David Eder
Dance: Lorna Leku
Direction: Thomas Fabian Eder

Sunday, October 8th 2017 | 6 pm
Team: Büro Steinheimer

Sunday, November 26th 2017 | 6 pm
Team: TBA

Sunday, December 3rd 2017 | 6 pm
Team: TBA