MUDAI (No Title) ***CANCELLED***

Date: 18. Juni 2020 20:30

© Tomoko Kosugi

Butoh has spread over the world and many knowledge and theories has been established around it, even butoh-fu (butoh choreographic notation) started to spread. But on the other hand, so much stereotypes have been developed unfortunately.
This piece “Mudai (no-title)” intend to take out such stereotypes and wishes that each audiences face with the piece with naked eyes. It wishes that the dancer's perception of the body from the unconscious level directly resonate with the body of the audiences. How to see, feel, imagine, perceive or resist, love or hate, deny... all depend on each audiences. The dancer will accept all reactions. In the same time, this means that the audiences are also being challenged and tested.
To question again butoh from the fundamental level is the strong wish and theme for Saga Kobayashi, who has been engaged in Butoh over half century since 1968 with the encounter with Tatsumi Hijikata, and she is being challenged to confront with her own stereotypes and traces that has been developed and became habitual patterns in herself. This is an extremely difficult and dangerous challenge, and she wishes to take out any kinds of intentions and plots, and let the universal essence of human emerges.

Thursday, June 18th 2020 | 8:30 pm
Tickets: sliding scale 5 - 10€
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Saga Kobayashi was born in Mie, Japan in 1946. After studying modern dance in Nagoya, in 1969 she begun to study Butoh with Tatsumi Hijikata. She became one of the main members of Hijikata's choreographic pieces and appeared in many of his works from the end of the 1960s to the early 1970s.
She played an important role in establishment of Hijikata's Butoh in the 1970s by joining in his important work “Twenty-Seven Nights for Four Seasons”, which is called as a culmination of Hijikata’s Butoh. In 1983 she went on the tour in Europe with Yoko Ashikawa to bring the piece choreographed by Tatsumi Hijikata.
Afterwards she became independent and founded the butoh company, Comet Club, in search of her own Butoh. Beside her own performances, she makes wide range of activities beyond genre, such as collaboration with music, video, theater and so on. She is also cooperating with data compilation activity of Tatsumi Hijikata Archive at Keio University Art Center, and has been giving lecture and workshop at several Universities of art and theater.
Lately, she started “Butoh AURA series”, in search of the boundary of human consciousness and unconsciousness with the text Aura Hysterica.



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  • 18. Juni 2020 20:30

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