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in the memory and by the teachings of Peter Rose

"Song of Myself: a memory in the voice" is a three month workstream practice using Peter Rose's voice-body technique for the development of an organic, strong and flexible voice.

The introduction practice includes essential breathing and relaxation exercises for the body/vocal instrument and the classes get the students into contact with "the plastiques" a Grotowski based physical technique used as a mean to open the body/organism and create the conditions for vocal work with body resonance.

This first module will work with memories/stories provided by the participants as a springboard for impulses, inner associations and physical action engaging the voice. The arising material will be progressively moulded into the development of an individual, precisely-crafted action/voice sequence.

As the course progresses the students gain not only a bigger awareness on their voice capacities, but also increase their stage presence, improvisation and performance skills.

The class finishes with an open class presentation where people are invited to witness the practice of the participants using the skills and materials developed during the course.

Course elements:
-Entering in contact with the plastiques
-Releasing the joints
-Breaking down the voice
-Flow of physical action and impulses
-Resonating in the body
-Give and take
-Stage presence
-Internal action

Part I / A memory from the joints:
exploring the vocal narration of a memory while using the physical exercises for the release of and breaking down of the voice.

Part II / A memory in action:
discovering the inner impulses arising in the body from the images of a memory while performing a chant at the same time.

Part III / A memory in a sequence:
development of a precise vocal and body sequence that the performer will use as material for solo and collective performances during the class.

WHO: Federico Schwindt
WHEN: February 5th - April 30th 2018 |  Mondays 6 - 8 pm
LANGUAGE: English, possibility of translation into German, Spanish and French. The students are invited to use in their practice the language they prefer.
PRICE: 150€ | First two try out classes 10€ each*
*to be discounted from the total when deciding for the full course.
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